The Keto Fitness Club at The Ridgeway Centre

The Keto Fitness Club at The Ridgeway Centre

A couple of months back in 4N I met this fitness guru Mark Brereton who had an amazing transformation story and founded the Keto Fitness Club. The business was relatively new and needed some branding so I put together the logo and the 4N profile page. To enhance his image a high quality headshot was required so Mark booked the Multishot package and we had a lot of fun with the shoot. The more relaxed the client is the more natural and better looking the photos turn out. The final shots once processed were amazing.

Today many people asked how many gyms there are and asked where are they located? They all believed the business had been running for many many years. Mark’s business is growing from strength to strength backed by great knowledge and understanding, care and thought for his fitness clients. This business also shoecases that consistent branding is key and instills confidence in your customer.

We got a fair few sales on the 90 day package today and many enquiries to follow up for fitness sessions and diet plans. The next task in the business cycle is the to get the website up and running with everything that the fitness clients require to ensure they make ‘Food and Fitness, Fun and Fulfilling!’

For everyone than signed up for the 90 day package they can take advantage of The Keto Headshot offer available until Saturday 23rd June 2018.

The Keto Headshot

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