Event Photos

Event Photos

If you have come across a photo we have taken from an event that you would like to purchase please choose either: Unprocessed or Post-Processed

Contact us to let us know which photos you are interested in and we will fulfil these orders for you.

NOTE: Any purchases you make please note that these values can be used against the future purchase of a headshot if required.

For example if you purchase 2 x (Remove Watermark – Unprocessed) photos for £18.98 (2 x £9.99) we will deduct this from the £150 headshot
E.g. You would only have to pay £131.02

Any event photography we take that has the watermarks present please feel free to use them for your personal or commercial use.

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DSouza Photography

All of our photos come with our standard license, which means you only have to pay for the initial download of a file and won't have to pay the photographer a royalty each time you use the image in a way that's allowed under that license.

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