Bowens Liquidated – 94 Year Business ends

Bowens Liquidated – 94 Year Business ends

Bowens, the 94-year-old photography brand best known for its lighting equipment, may soon be shuttered. According to a new report, Bowens has reached the end of its road and has gone into liquidation.

DIYPhotography reports that an inside source shared news of this liquidation, which was subsequently confirmed by two independent sources.

Bowens lighting gear is used by photographers around the world. The brand was born all the way back in 1923 as a London-based camera repair business called the Bowens Camera Service Company. Decades later, the company expanded into lighting gear and eventually grew into one of the biggest brands on the planet for things like flashes, softboxes, reflectors, lights, and other lighting accessories.

In June 2016, Bowens Lighting was acquired by the European investment firm AURELIUS along with Calumet Photographic. Calumet and Bowens Lighting reportedly hauled in revenues of roughly $125 million in 2015 prior to the acquisition, and AURELIUS said it planned to expand Calumet’s retail footprint across Europe.

Now it seems that Bowens is no longer part of AURELIUS’s expansion plans.

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