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First impressions count, so make sure your headshot is a good one!

Six Reasons Why You Need a Professional Headshot

1. ProfessionalISM

A smart profile photo conveys your professionalism. If you look professional, potential clients, investors, collaborators, etc. that don’t know you personally are going to be more likely to agree to that first meeting.

2. Personality

A good headshot gives people an idea of your personality before they meet you. A smile portrays approachability. A serious look portrays determination. Make your expression match your personality. I choose to smile in mine!

3. Reminder

It reminds business contacts who you are if they met you in passing at a conference or business function. Also if they see your headshot in a news article, on a flyer, banner or a website. This little cue makes it more likely they will accept your “friend” or “follow” request.

4. Being Current

A current headshot gives people an idea of what you look like now. I recently went to networking events and conferences where two of the presenters’ headshots were taken years ago. There was an immediate disconnect. It’s not good to surprise people in this way. It sends a message of inauthenticity.

5. Enhancement

It supports and enhances the skills and experience on your LinkedIn profile, making you stand out from the rest. If there is a specific demographic you serve then a lifestyle shoot may be ideal. With these images you can portray and showoff your abilities to potential clients and followers.

6. Confidence

It makes you feel good to look your best. Having a quality image of yourself to share with your professional peers boosts your self confidence, and it can even inspire you to share more of yourself with others, take a few risks, and overcome work-related challenges.



We provide corporate photography, event photography, lifestyle photography and family photography. Our rates are based on an hourly or daily rate as specified.

UP TO 1 HOUR - £125
UP TO 2 HOURS - £185
HALF DAY - £350
FULL DAY - £600


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